lucky or what...?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008 - - 3 Comments

I guess this week really is my lucky week..bcoz my mom got me a SONY PSP!!!
I never thought that this day will come..eventually this PSP is a mom won a CABUTAN BERTUAH..she's really lucky..urm..actually,im the lucky one here..haha cz this thing is all mine n only mine..hehe..of coz i kongsi2 nga siblings but im the

Its begin like mom bli insuran polisi kat bank(x ingat bank mne) n then pd ari friday lpas.
.ore bank 2 kol n bgtau my mom mnang lucky draw n dy sruh amik hdiah 2 kt bank ari ahad..ingatkn adiah bodo2 priuk nasi or kipas ke.. Tup2..ini yg mom ku dpt..n dy pom bg kat ku..her most beloved son..hahha..
<------this is MINE!!


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budokklate said...

xstudi doh mejoh pahnie..
ralik main gonie~

a'xY said...

HAHA...u dead wrong..hehe..

study no no 2..hehe

shinrei said...

Calon nak amik SPM mana bleh main PSP!!! Simpan tu..tak pun bagi saya pegang bleh 5 tahun!!