im sorry..

Tuesday, March 23, 2010 - - 3 Comments

SPM result already been announced n when someone ask me about my result I say:

ckit jh..7a.. n I smile

and when someone ask my mom about my result, she say:

ckit jh..7a..n she smile

but I know that make me feel pathetic n stupid..
Im made a promise but its sorry..i failed as the eldest brother..not a good example..nothing..just a loser..the BIGGEST ONE!!i want to hide the sorrow..i smile to my mom,my families,my friends,teachers..try to be happy..but i saw that smile again today.i cannot bear it anymore..even the toughest man cry.i'll try my best mom..

im sorry....

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Z.P.R.O™ said...

there are ups and downs in human life.
and that's normal..
you should bear in mind that 7 is better than 0, 1, 2 and so on until less than 7..

you want to be an example..?
you are an example dude...

sry to say..but people who success learn from somebody's mistake..
bravo to you..cheers~

and when you're in university..
doesn't it means that you're a 7A student will

it's like a mario game..
even though you hv less point..but you make through the stage..
it's clearly that you are going to the next stage...
it's just the same with the person who score more..

a'xY said...

tq!!!!im all cheers now..i'll do it better..thats my promise will become reality..

Anonymous said...

ame..don't be like that..u've try ur best already..doesn't mean u don't hv good result,u can't success in university..

the most important is use ur knowledge for future..don't just study for exam!use the knowledge..apply what hv u learn in ur daily life..

when u can apply it,u r the best person in diz's more important than ur result..even u get 20A's or more but when u can't apply in daily life,it's a loser..

u can be the best among the best between others..

=> fighting!
i'm proud wif u..
~kak long~